Frequently Asked Questions

Music – Schools

Performing musical works live or playing recorded music

1. Can teachers and students play or perform music in the classroom for education purposes?


2. Can we play recorded music over the school’s PA system?

3. Are our students allowed to perform at the following events; school music festivals, eisteddfods, the Schools Spectacular?

4. Can we use recorded music in school performances and concerts?

5. Can we perform live music for a school performance or concert?

6. Can our school perform a couple of songs from a musical (eg ‘Matilda The Musical’) at our end of year event?

7. Can a teacher play music from Spotify in the classroom?

8. Can a teacher play music from iTunes in the classroom?

Making, using and sharing audio or video recordings

9. Can we record students performing at school events?

10. Are parents/guardians/carers allowed to film school events?

11. Can we provide students with copies of sound recordings to use as part of a class?

12. Can we incorporate recorded music into another work, for example, a commemorative school DVD?

13. Can we sell copies of a video made of a school event that incorporates music to the school community (ie parents/guardians/friends)?

15. Can we provide copies of a recording of our school event to third parties, eg other schools or administering bodies?

16. Can we make copies of recorded music to play at school events?

17. Can we make copies of recorded music to play in class?

18. Can I copy a song from iTunes, Spotify or Apple Music on to the school’s DTE for students to download and/or listen to?

19. Can I copy and play sound recordings as part of a music exam?

20. We hire our school hall out to a private dance school. Do they need a licence from PPCA to play sound recordings during class?

21. Can we make a recording of a school event or live stream a school event at which a sound recording (eg a popular song) is being played, and upload it to social media and/or a school website?

22. Our school event has been blocked/muted on social media, what can we do?

Copying Sheet Music

22. How many copies can be made from an original copy of sheet music under the AMCOS Licence?

23. How many copies can be made from a choral work or Grand Right Work?

24. Can we scan copies of sheet music to digital form and upload to our School’s DTE?

25. Are we required to mark the original and any copies of sheet music?

26. Are private music teachers able to use copies of sheet music made under the AMCOS licence where the tuition is on the school premises?

27. Can we loan copies of sheet music made under the AMCOS Licence to another school?

28. Can we make copies of sheet music that we have hired or borrowed?

29. Can I incorporate a piece of sheet music into an exam paper?

30. Can I provide student access to digital sheet music on our school’s DTE?

Copying Lyrics

31. Can I make copies of song lyrics on their own to hand out to my class?

Rearranging Music

32. Can I re-arrange a piece of music for a classroom exercise?

Cover Versions

33. Our school band is planning to play its own “cover” versions of famous songs at a school concert. Can we make and distribute a CD of their performance to raise funds for the school?

Copying Music from the Radio

34. Can I record music from the radio and play it for my students in the classroom.