Frequently Asked Questions

Text Works

1. Can a school or TAFE photocopy material from textbooks or student activity books to hand out to students in class?

2. Can we copy and/or communicate a page from a book for a student or a teacher?


3. How many copies can we make of a text work in our school or TAFE?

4. Can I scan an entire book to use in class?

5. Can I upload an entire digital textbook to my school’s digital teaching environment (DTE)?

6. Can a teacher upload supplementary materials from a learning resource (eg supplementary resources to a textbook) to a password protected digital teaching environment (DTE)?

7. Can I download a worksheet and use this resource in my classroom?

8. Can I photocopy or scan an entire book that is out of print or no longer commercially available?

9. Can a teacher copy a poem for students?

10. Can teachers display text using an interactive whiteboard (eg a newspaper article, web page) as part of a classroom activity?

11. I work for a curriculum development unit. We are currently preparing a publication for distribution to students. Can we copy material from a textbook to include in the publication?

12. Can I copy an article from a journal?

13. Can I copy a newspaper article to provide to my class?

14. Can our library copy an article from a magazine?

15. Can I copy a short story to provide to my class?

16. Can I use quotes and extracts from a publication in teaching materials?

17. Can we email links to an article or webpage to students?

18. Can I copy a PowerPoint (eg from Slideshare) to use in my class and/or provide to my students?

19. Can I use past exam papers or practice exam papers for students practice and preparation purposes?