Frequently Asked Questions

Film and Video

1. Can schools/TAFEs play films from streaming, subscription or video on demand services in class?

2. Can we caption films for students with disabilities?

3. Can schools/TAFEs upload films to ClickView to show in class?

4. Can schools play YouTube videos in class?

5. Can films be played for entertainment purposes (eg at lunch on a rainy day, at school excursions)?

6. Can schools play a film at a school fundraising event (eg film screening with a gold coin donation on entry)?

7. Can a school convert videos and DVDs into a digital format?

8. Can film extracts be used for exam/assessment purposes?

9. Can I screen a pirated copy of a DVD, which was brought in by one of my students, in class?

10. Can a school or TAFE lend a video or DVD to its students?