Frequently Asked Questions

Artistic Works and Images

1. Can teachers display images using an interactive whiteboard as part of a classroom activity?

2. Can a teacher use images from stock image libraries (eg Getty, iStock, Shutterstock etc)?

3. Can a teacher copy images from the internet to use in a learning resource or PowerPoint presentation?

4. Can teachers photocopy images from a colouring book for their class?

5. Can we display an image at a school assembly?

6. Can artistic works be included in an exam question?

7. Can a teacher scan an artistic work and upload it to a password protected digital teaching environment for use in class (eg to display on an interactive whiteboard or include in a PowerPoint)?

8. Can we publish students’ artworks in the school magazine?

9. Can I take photos of my students to use in the school magazine?

10. Can we reproduce book covers in school library catalogues, school posters (eg for display in the library) or book reviews for a school newsletter?

11. Can students use third party artistic works in their assignments (eg a visual arts project or history assignment)?

12. Can students create an artwork based on someone else’s artistic works (eg make a drawing of a photograph)?