Commercial Activity

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Under the School Music Licence, commercial activities are activities undertaken by a school to generate profit, where that profit will not go back to the school or to a registered charity associated with the school. Examples of commercial activities that would not be regarded as school events are:

  • a dance festival run by another organisation;
  • an eisteddfod organised by an eisteddfod body; or
  • a performance by a professional musician.

Commercial activities also include activities where the primary purpose is advertising or promoting the school to persons who are not members of the school community (eg an enrolment campaign), the promotion of a third-party business or the rental of school facilities to third parties for purposes not associated with the activities of the school.

When referring to the TAFE Music Licence, commercial activities are activities where the TAFE’s primary purpose is promotion of the TAFE to third parties (eg enrolment campaigns) or the promotion of third party’s products or services.

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