Frequently Asked Questions

Music – TAFE

Playing live or recorded music

1. Can TAFEs play live music, or play recorded music, at TAFE events such as open days, fashion shows and graduation ceremonies?

2. Can TAFEs play recorded music in the background at TAFE operated businesses such as fitness centres, beauty salons and training restaurants/cafes?

3. Can TAFEs play recorded music in areas such as TAFE workplaces or corporate areas?

Live streaming TAFE events

4. Can we live stream our TAFE fashion show from our official TAFE Facebook page?

Recording TAFE events

5. Can TAFEs make recordings of their TAFE events where live or recorded music is played?

Sharing recordings of TAFE events

6. Can TAFEs share recordings of TAFE events with the TAFE community?

Incorporating sound recordings into other works

7. Can TAFEs add a sound recording (eg a backing track) to a video of a TAFE graduation ceremony and share recording with students and their families?

Making sound recordings to play at TAFE events

8. Can TAFEs copy sound recordings (eg from a CD or Spotify) to play at a TAFE event?

Playing music in the TAFE classroom

9. Can TAFEs play music in the classroom?

10. Can TAFEs copy musical works or sound recordings for use in exams?

Updated 31 March 2022