Frequently Asked Questions

Television and Radio Broadcasts

Schools and licensed TAFEs

1. Who is covered by the Statutory Broadcast Licence?


2. What may be copied and communicated under the Statutory Broadcast Licence?

3. What is not covered by the Statutory Broadcast Licence?

4. Can I make copy of a program available for students to access on a digital teaching environment (DTE)?

5. Can I make a copy of a program for another educational institution?

6. How can we obtain a copy of a television program that we missed?

7. Can we copy a program from television even if it is available to buy from iTunes/Google Play or similar?

8. Can I play a broadcast program to my class (eg ABC iView, live television or ABC’s YouTube channel)?

Unlicensed TAFEs*

*This section applies to all unlicensed TAFES (ie all TAFEs except WA TAFE institutes and Bradfield Senior College in NSW). If you are from a WA TAFE institute or Bradfield Senior College in NSW, see ‘Radio and Television Broadcasts – Licensed TAFEs’ above.

1. Can I play a broadcast film or radio program to my class (eg from an ABC YouTube channel)?

2. Can I play films in class without a Statutory Broadcast Licence?

3. Can I copy any content and upload it to my TAFE LMS without a Statutory Broadcast Licence?

4. What can I do with copies of broadcasts that were made before my TAFE opted out of the Statutory Broadcast Licence?

5. Do I need a Statutory Broadcast Licence to use services such as Edu TV, ClickView 24/7 and Exchange, Enhance TV which allow me to make and obtain copies of TV/radio broadcasts?

6. Can I use content from iTunes?

7. I want to show my students a TV program which I saw on SBS a few days ago as it ties in with something I am teaching them, am I allowed to do this?