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Government Schools

Australian Capital Territory
Education Directorate
ACT Government
Julie Goodall
Tel: (02) 6205 8215
Email: Julie Goodall 
New South Wales
Department of Education
Steve Oom
Tel: (02)  7814 3896
Email: Steve Oom
Northern Territory
Department of Education
Northern Territory Government
Sarah Earley 
Tel: (08) 8999 5782
Email:  Sarah Earley
Department of Education 
Ilona Baronayte
Tel: (07) 3513 5852 
Email: Ilona Baronayte
South Australia
Department for Education
Sarah Brown
Tel: (08) 8226 1555
Email: Sarah Brown
Department of Education
Darien Williams
(03) 6165 6187
Email: Darien Williams
Department of Education and Training
Cate Mills
Tel: (03) 7022 0507
Email: Catherine Mills 
Western Australia
Department of Education
Laurence Shepherd
Tel: (08) 9264 4058 
Email: Laurence Shepherd

Non-Government Schools

Catholic Education Commission

Australian Capital Territory
Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn
Dennis Granlund
Tel: (02) 6234 5411
Email: Dennis Granlund
New South Wales
Audrey Bower
Tel: (02) 9287 1532 
Email: Audrey Bower
Northern Territory
CEC of the NT
Dirk Botha
Tel: (08) 8984 1400 
Email: Dirk Botha
Queensland CEC
Patrick MacDermott
Tel: (07) 3316 5835
Email: Patrick MacDermott 
South Australia
SA Commission for Catholic Schools
John Favretto
Tel: (08) 8301 6667 
Email:  John Favretto
Tasmanian Catholic Education Office
Lester Nation
Tel: (03) 6210 8888 
Email: Lester Nation
Catholic Education Office Melbourne
Sue Maughan
Tel: (03) 9267 0228 
Email: Sue Maughan
Western Australia
Catholic Education Office WA
Lesley Jolliffe
Tel: (08)  6380 5137
Email: Lesley Jolliffe


Independent Schools

Australian Capital Territory
Association of Independent Schools of the ACT
Andrew Wrigley
Tel: (02) 6162 0834 
Email: Andrew Wrigley
New South Wales
Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales
David Buley
Tel: (02) 9299 2845 
Email: David Buley
Northern Territory
Association of Independent Schools of the NT
Gail Barker
Tel: (08) 8981 8668 
Email: Gail Barker
Independent Schools Queensland
Tel: (07) 3228 1515
South Australia
Association of Independent Schools of South Australia
Bronwyn Donaghey
Tel: (08) 8179 1400 
Email: Bronwyn Donaghey
Independent Schools Tasmania
Tony Crehan
Tel: (03) 6224 0125 
Email: Tony Crehan
Independent Schools Victoria
Kate Anderson
Tel: (03) 9825 7230 
Email: Kate Anderson
Western Australia
Association of Independent Schools of Western AustraliaGary Robinson
Tel: (08) 9441 1608
Email: Gary Robinson
Therese Bamford
Tel: (08) 9441 1662
Email: Therese Bamford 
Christian Schools Australia
Trudy Figueroa
Tel: (02) 9887 4099 
Email: Trudy Figueroa
Adventist Schools Australia
Daryl Murdoch
Tel: (03) 9871 7509
Email:  Daryl Murdoch


TAFE Institutes

Australian Capital Territory
Canberra Institute of Technology
Andrea O’Neill
Tel: (02) 6207 3378 
Email: Andrea O’Neill
New South Wales
ShirleyAnn Summers
Tel: (02) 9715 8328
Email: ShirleyAnn Summers
Northern Territory
Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education
Melissa Raymond
Tel: (08) 8951 8310
Email: Melissa Raymond
TAFE Queensland
Dave Eden
Tel: (07)  3244 6511 or 3817 3073  
Email: Dave Eden
South Australia 
Marina Borello 
Tel:  0448 237 406 
Email: Marina Borello
Cindy Bissett
03 6777 2507
Email: Cindy Bissett
Western Australia
Department of Training and Workforce Development
Friederike Krogel
Tel: (08) 6212 9745
Email: Friederike Krogel