Educational Resources

The Education Resources section contains a variety of material to educate yourself and your students on copyright, as well as information about seminars and courses about copyright and education run by the NCU.


In this section you will find:
* COVID-19 copyright issues
* National Copyright Webinar Series
* Copyright 4 Educators course
* Q&A sessions
* Newsletters
* NCU PowerPoint presentations
* Flowcharts

Ed resources
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COVID-19 Copyright Issues

These information sheets provide important information about remote and online learning during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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National Copyright Webinar Series

Practical copyright training for educators, librarians and administrators in Schools and TAFE

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Copyright 4 Educators Course

A free online course for educators wanting to learn about copyright

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Copyright news for Australian Schools and TAFE

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NCU PowerPoint

PowerPoint slides from presentations on copyright in education given by the National Copyright Unit

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Flowcharts that assist when uploading resources to a public website or password protected intranet and contain third party material

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Q&A sessions

One-hour copyright Q&A sessions for curriculum and education resource developers

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