National Copyright Webinar Series

National Copyright Webinar Series

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In 2020, The National Copyright Unit (NCU) is offered a series of free webinars to help teachers navigate copyright while teaching.

We will be running this webinar series again in 2021.

These free webinars are open to all Australian schools and TAFEs (excluding Victorian TAFEs) and are targeted to teachers and teacher-librarians/librarians. The webinar covers topics such as:

  • Basic introduction to copyright;
  • What schools and TAFEs are allowed to do under the various educational licences;
  • Free education use exceptions – flexible dealing, exam copying and disability access exceptions;
  • Guidelines for schools and TAFEs about teaching students online;
  • Using Netflix, YouTube and Audiobooks in class, including virtual classes;
  • Practical case studies and FAQs; and
  • Finding and using ‘Creative Commons’ licensed material and ‘Open Education Resources’.

Below are the dates we are planning to run the webinars in 2021 (please note that these dates may be subject to change):

Schools TAFEs
Thursday 31st March Thursday 4th March
Friday 30th April
Thursday 20th May (9am – 3pm AWST) Thursday 13th May (9am – 1pm AWST)
Friday 11th June Monday 7th June
Wednesday 21st July
Friday 6th August Thursday 12th August
Wednesday 15th September
Friday 15th October Thursday 14th October
Thursday 11th November Monday 8th November


Register for Term 1 2021 webinars below:

TAFE  Thursday 4 March (9am – 1pm AEDT) Register Here
School  Wednesday 31 March (9am – 3pm AEDT) Register Here