Videos on OER

Videos on OER

Updated 31 May 2022

OER Africa has created a series of simple tutorials on searching for Open Content

The Finding Open Content Tutorial can be accessed directly at OER Africa.

There is no requirement to log in or register, simply click on the link. There are videos and interactive elements. The tutorial covers:

·        A search strategy for open content.

·        What is Open Licensing?

·        What is Open Content?

·        How to search for open content using Google.

·        How to conduct more effective online searches.

·        How to search for open content using Creative Commons search.

·        How to search for open content in YouTube.

·        How to search for content in open repositories.

·        How to evaluate open content.

The Council of Chief State School Officers

These set of videos answer basic FAQs surrounding the use of open educational resources (OER).

The videos cover several key topics, including:

·        What is OER?

·        How can OER help educators?

·        How can I find OER?

·        What does the research say about OER?

·        What is an open license and how does it work?

·        Why OER?

The full playlist can be accessed on YouTube here.

Feel free to share the videos widely and to retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute the videos in your OER work!​

Creative Commons, U.S. Department of Education and Open Society Foundations: Why Open Education Matters 

Examples of the videos on Open Education include the following:

‘Why Open Education matters’

‘Why Open Education matters’ – Vimeo

‘Password: OER’

‘Open Education Matters: Why is it important to share content?’

Department of Education Queensland