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Where to find CC licensed videos

Where to Find CC Licensed Videos

The following are good sources of videos:

YouTube   YouTube has CC licensed videos which can be found by typing in your search term followed by a comma and then “creativecommons” which returns CC licensed videos.

vimeo   Vimeo has a dedicated page which allows you to search CC licensed videos within its elements such as Attribution and Share Alike. 

Internet Archive   Internet Archive has a collection of old videos, movies and texts which are openly licensed.

TED   TED is a popular site which openly licences its videos in the form of short, powerful talks covering a magnitude of ideas in more than 100 languages.

Al Jazeera   Al Jazeera has a repository of openly licenced broadcast footage covering global news.

Academic Earth   Academic Earth has a repository of over 1500 video lectures from the word’s top universities searchable by subject, university and degree level.