Virtual End-of-Year School Events

Virtual End-of-Year School Events

25 September 2020

Schools have been dealing with unprecedented challenges during the 2020 school year due to COVID-19. Many schools will be holding their end-of-year events in a virtual format due to social distancing requirements.

This information sheet explains how schools can use music in their virtual end-of-year school events (eg school discos, formals, graduation ceremonies, assemblies or drama, dance or music performances). Schools can make and use sound recordings under both the School Event Licence and a gratis interim music licence, which is in effect until 31 December 2020.

Using recorded music at your school event

Schools can use recorded music (eg copy tracks from music streaming services) in different ways. For example, schools can:

  • play it at a school event, such as a graduation ceremony, school dance or disco night, sports event; or
  • include it in an electronic presentation or video (for example, your school might add a soundtrack to a presentation or video to play at an assembly or graduation ceremony).

Live streaming your school event

Schools can live stream a school event, where live or recorded music is being played, in real time from the school website, a social media platform (eg Facebook Live, YouTube) or a video conferencing platform (eg Zoom).

If you are live streaming a performance where a sound recording is being played on social media, even though the interim licence allow this, it’s still possible that it will be taken down.

Recording your school event

Schools can make a sound or video recording of a school event. Remember to label the recording in the following way:

‘This recording has been made under a licence from AMCOS and ARIA for educational purposes only’.

You must also display the following details of each musical work captured in the recording:

  • the title
  • the composer/arranger
  • artist and record company (if you are using a backing track).

You can then:

  • upload it to the school website
  • email/message it to the school community
  • upload to the school’s official social media page on platforms such as Facebook YouTube (although where recorded music is played at the school event the post may still be taken down)
  • upload it to an app that is being used by the school for internal school communications, such as Schoolbag, Seesaw, Compass, SZapp. This is limited to apps being used for educational purposes and would not include apps like Snapchat or TikTok.

Can we upload a recording of our school event to our school’s password protected intranet and provide a link to the school community?

Yes, you can upload a recording of your school event to a password protected area on your school intranet, and make this available to parents and students. For example, if parents are unable to attend an assembly or graduation day, you could send them a link to the recording on the school’s password protected intranet and allow them to download a copy for their private use.

Can we upload a recording of our school event to our school’s website?

Yes, you are permitted to upload a recording of a school event to a school website.

Can we make a physical copy of a recording of a school event and distribute it to the school community?

Yes, you can make a physical copy of the recording (eg copy it on to a USB) and distribute it (for no cost or on a cost-recovery basis) to members of the school community.

Can we upload a recording of our school event to Facebook or YouTube?

Yes, you can upload a recording of a school event where live or recorded music is playing (eg a live performance by a school band or orchestra, a dance performance where a backing track is playing) to official school social media pages such as Facebook and YouTube. Note that where recorded music is played at the school event it may still be taken down.

Can we incorporate recorded music into another work and upload it to our school’s website?

Yes, if you have added recorded music to another work (eg you have added a soundtrack to an end-of-year video montage) you can upload it to your school’s website. Note that you are not permitted to upload the work to social media.

Student consent forms

We recommend that schools review their general student consent forms to make sure these cover your intended uses of recordings of student performances, particularly where it involves streaming from, or uploading to, social media. We understand that most schools obtain consent at the time of enrolment, but for a consent form you can adapt see Attachment A.

For more information contact the NCU on 02 7814 3855 or

Attachment A

Consent for Publication of Photographs and Videos of Students

[Note: This consent should be sought at the beginning of each school year to ensure it is current.]

From time to time, photographs or videos of students are taken in school, at school events or at places where the students are involved in an excursion or activity. These materials are used to promote curricular, co-curricular and student life activities at school and within the community.

These photographs or recordings may be used in class activities and/or published by the [INSERT NAME OF SCHOOL] (the School) in documents, school magazines, newsletters, displays, journals, professional development materials for teachers, on the website or social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) of the School and marketing materials produced by or for the School.  Unless otherwise directed by you, your child’s name may be included with/in the photograph/video.

We seek your consent before including your child in any such publication or internal/external display. [INSERT THE FOLLOWING IF RELEVANT] This form also seeks consent for [INSERT NAME OF RELEVANT EDUCATIONAL BODY E.G. ‘The NSW Department of Education’ OR, FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLS, ‘The Catholic Education Commission’ (OR EQUIVALENT TO CEC IN YOUR STATE OR TERRITORY)] to use photographs/videos of your child in print and online promotional, marketing, media and educational materials.

NOTE: Please confirm your consent to the uses and disclosures described below by ticking the relevant box. If you do not want your child’s name to be used please tick “EXCLUDE NAME”.


Photographs or videos in which my child may be involved, to be published in (please tick): [Note: You may not need all the consents below, depending on what you inform students and parents in your privacy collection notice/s.  If you would like to exclude a particular consent, you should seek legal advice.]

[Note: You should seek a separate consent before commencing a specific marketing campaign (if you seek to use a photo or video of a student as part of that campaign). For example, an advertisement in a newspaper that is designed specifically to promote the school, not just to inform the community of school events (which may indirectly promote the school). This will ensure the consent is informed, current and specific.]

□   YES □   NO School publications: (e.g. magazines, newsletters, presentations, training materials and resources) published by the School □    EXCLUDE NAME
□   YES □   NO Third Party Publications: newspapers and other materials published by third parties for the purpose of promotion and communication of school activities or programs □    EXCLUDE NAME
□   YES □   NO Intranet and similar platforms accessible by students and/or parents: the School’s intranet, learning management system, digital teaching environment or similar platform/s, that are accessible by students and/or parents □    EXCLUDE NAME
□   YES □   NO Website: the School’s website □    EXCLUDE NAME
□   YES □   NO Private social media channels: the School’s social medial channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), where access is restricted to the School’s staff, students and parents □    EXCLUDE NAME
□   YES □   NO Public social media channels: the School’s social media channels accessible by the public [Note: You can combine this with the row above if you do not wish to make any distinction between private and public social media channels.  The combined row should be ‘Social media channels: the School’s social medial channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), including those accessible to the public] □    EXCLUDE NAME
□   YES □   NO The [INSERT NAME OF EDUCATION BODY]’s website and publications: including the [INSERT NAME OF EDUCATION BODY]’s newsletters and brochures, and materials available to schools and education departments around Australia for the [INSERT NAME OF EDUCATION BODY]’s promotional, marketing, media and educational purposes □    EXCLUDE NAME


and I acknowledge and I agree that

I can withdraw any consent provided above at any time by giving written notice to the School, and it is my responsibility to notify the School if I wish to withdraw any consent provided above. Once consent is withdrawn, the School will not make any new publications that include the student’s photograph(s) or video(s) where the student is reasonably identifiable.

(please tick) □  YES □  NO


Student’s Name
Year of enrolment at the School Year level on enrolment at the School
Parent/Caregiver Name Signature Date
Signature (if student aged 15+) Signature (of student aged 15+) Date