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Open and Non PPCA/APRA Music for Non-Educational Purposes of TAFEs

This information sheet lists alternative sources of:

  • Open and free music available under creative commons licences
  • Non PPCA/APRA music licences

Music licensed under Creative Commons is free whereas the non PPCA/APRA music licences are much cheaper than those offered by the music collecting societies.  TAFEs can use CC licenced music or purchase non PPCA/APRA music for non-educational purposes if they consider APRA or PPCA licensed music is not required. Examples of uses where this may be appropriate are music on hold, background music, music in the workplace, one-off events, restaurants/cafes and fitness centres.

Open Music Sources

Openly licenced works are free to use and commonly licensed under Creative Commons (CC) licences.  TAFEs can use CC licenced music free of charge provided you comply with the terms of the licence. The mere minimum of the CC licences is attributing (acknowledge) the name of the copyright owner and creator when you use a copy of their work.  See the Creative Commons for Educators Information Pack for further information on Creative Commons Licences.

Set out below are the best websites where you can search for CC licensed music.

Vimeo   Online community with option to search for CC content   
Online sharing platform with option to filter search results for CC content
Jamendo CC music distribution site
CcMixter CC sound remix tool and archive
Opsound CC music archive
Magnatune CC record label
CCHits  Collaborative podcast where users can contribute, find, and share music under CC licences  
Freesound Collaborative database of sounds   
SoundTransit  Archive of “field recordings” from various locations around the world published under a CC Attribution licence
Kompoz Online artists community collaboration  
Musopen   Open classical music/jazz and sheet music
iBeat   Free beats, loops and breaks samples  
CC Trax   Directory of free music  
Free background music beats 
AudionautiX  Free production music  
FMA Free collection of audio works  
Purple Planet Music for online videos  
Incompetech  Selection of music which you can search by genre or feel 
Bump Foot Collection of techno, trance beats and electronic dance music  

Non PPCA/ APRA Music

Some copyright owners offer an alternative and cheaper licence than those offered by PPCA and APRA  These licences are offered as a cheaper alternative since they do not require either or both of the APRA and PPCA licences. You should refer to the websites for details of which licences are not required. If you have any questions please contact your CAG TAFE representative or the National Copyright Unit www.smartcopying.edu.au

Set out below are examples of non PPCA/APRA music licences that can be utilised by TAFE institutes, fitness centres and cafes and restaurants.

Audio Network   Online store for direct licenced sound recordings  
Visual Sounds   Music on hold, restaurants/cafes, fitness centres and background music
Music on Hold   Music on hold
In Tune Media
Music on hold and background music
AKM Music  
Music on hold  
Pond5 Music on hold
Bensound  Music on hold  
 Yes! Fitness Music Australia Fitness centre music 
 Power Music Fitness centre music