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1.2 Some common misconceptions

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Here are some common mistakes people make about copyright:

  1. You must register copyright in Australia otherwise the work is copyright free

    No formal registration of copyright is required in Australia. This means you should generally assume that content will be protected by copyright.

  2. If there is no copyright symbol or notice, then the work is copyright free

    The absence of a copyright symbol or notice on a work does not mean that the copyright owner has abandoned their copyright or has granted an implied licence for anyone to use or reproduce or communicate their work.

  3. Once a work is published or in the public domain, anyone can use it

    The fact that a work has been published or is made freely available does not mean that:

    • the copyright owner has abandoned their copyright
    • the work has entered the public domain and is no longer protected by copyright

    If you wish to copy and/or communicate to the public the whole or a substantial part of the work, it must be done either:

  4. I am not infringing copyright if I am not making any money from my use of the material

    Your use may infringe copyright irrespective of whether you are making any money or profit from the use.

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