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Downloading Creative Commons Licensed YouTube Videos Guide

YouTube users can download a Creative Commons licensed video using the video editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor) which allows a copy to be created. Under the YouTube Terms of Use you would be permitted to download the video through the video manager.

Information about use of YouTube by teachers can be found in the ‘Using YouTube’ information sheet at:

How to find video editor on YouTube

Firstly, you will need to log into YouTube by using your Google sign-in.  If you do not have a Google account you can click here to create one.  If you want to know more about what you can do with YouTube after you sign in, click here and this short video will give you all the info you need.

Step 1:   From the YouTube home page click on ‘My Channel’ in the left-hand side menu. 


Step 2:  
In the next screen click on ‘Video Manager’ in the top middle menu.



  Click on ‘Create’ in the left-hand side menu.



Step 4:
  Click on ‘Video Editor’ in the left-hand side menu.




How to use video editor on YouTube

Step 1:  To search for Creative Commons licensed content, click on ‘CC’ in the top middle menu. You can also select audio content to sync with the video content by clicking on the music note symbol.  


Step 2:  Drag the selected video and/or audio content to the relevant boxes underneath the video screen.


Step 3:  Click on ‘Create video’ in the top right of the page. The video will process and the time taken will depend on the size of the content.



How to download Creative Commons licensed YouTube videos

Step 1:  Click on ‘Video Manager’ underneath the video once it has finished processing.




Click on ‘Video Manager’ in the left-hand side menu of the Video Manager page.


Step 2:  On the next page, clicking on the drop-down menu next to ‘Edit’ alongside the video which you want to download, choose ‘Download MP4’ to download the selected video.